Sensory Play Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Sensory Play Activities for Toddlers | Fun and Educational

Hey, my fellow parents and caregivers, I’m here! If you’re here, you’re probably trying to keep your curious child engaged, happy, and learning. Babies are sponges and absorb everything around them, so sensory play is one of the best ways to keep their developing brains and bodies stimulated. We’re going to explore the wonderful world of sensory play activities for toddlers in this blog.

We will discuss what sensory play is, why it matters to your baby’s development, and most importantly, share with you a treasure chest of fun and educational ideas for these activities that can be enjoyed together.

So, let’s start this exciting journey and unlock the mystery of sensory play that will not only excite your kid’s senses but also create a precious memory for you both. When we explore these immersive sensory play adventures, we’ll be ready for a world of textures, colors, and laughter. Let’s get started now!

Here are Some Sensory Play Activities for Toddlers:

How to Make Dinosaurs Frozen Inside Ice Eggs 

Dinosaurs Frozen Inside Ice Eggs
Image source : Theimaginationtree

Beautiful Mini House for Beach Sensory Play

Mini House for Beach Sensory
Imager Source : Fantasticfunandlearning

Farm Sensory Play Activities for Toddlers

Farm Sensory Play Activities for Toddlers
Image source : Frugalfun4boys

Floam Slime Recipe for Children

Floam Slime Recipe
Image source : Childhood101

Bubble Bin Sensory Play Activity for Kids

Bubble Bin Sensory Play Activity for Kids

Image source : Notimeforflashcards

Worms Sensory Play Activity

Worms Sensory Play
Image source : Learning4kids

Bubble Wrap and Shaving Cream Sensory Play

Bubble Wrap and Shaving Cream Sensory
Image source : Picklebums

Spy in Your Sensory Tub for Play

Image source : Youclevermonkey

Mermaid Fabric Sensory Board

Mermaid Fabric Sensory Board
Image source : Homegrownfriends

Sensory Window Bag Project for Kids

Sensory Window Bag
Image source : Parentingchaos

Rainbow Chickpeas’ Sensory Play Idea

Image source : Andnextcomesl

Snowflake Sensory Bin for Toddlers

Snowflake Sensory Bin
Image source : Andnextcomesl

Dinosaur Sensory Bin for Preschoolers

Dinosaur Sensory Bin
Image source : Myboredtoddler

Madeline Sensory Play Projects

Madeline Sensory Play Projects
Image source : Growingbookbybook

Dirt Play Dough Sensory Writing Tray for Kids

Dirt Play Dough Sensory
Image source : Frugalfun4boys

Alligator Sensory Play Project

Alligator Sensory Play Project
Image source : Andnextcomesl

Little Autumn Sensory Small World Play Scene 

Little Autumn Sensory
Image source : Theimaginationtree

Sensory Activities for Children

Sensory Activities
image Source : team-cartwright

Sensory Play Activities For Children Using Pom Pom Water Bins

Pom Pom Water Bins
Image Source : busytoddler

Fantastic Small World Sensory Art

Small World Sensory Art
Image Source : Childhood101

Summer Sensory Bin Hanukkah Activities

Sensory Play: Preschool Activities with Water Beads

Water Beads Sensory Play
Image Source : dayswithgrey

Amazing Water Beads Sensory Activity For Kids

 Colorful Water Beads Sensory
Image Source : Teaching Mama . Org

Toddler Activity: Warm and Cold Water Beads

 Warm and Cold Water Sensory Play
Image Source : Learn Play Imagine

Simple Sensory Activities for Childrens

Sensory Play Ideas for Toddlers
Image Source : weecare

Pasta Bins Sensory Play Ideas

Pasta Bins Sensory
Image Source : Learn Play Read

Sensory calming bottle ideas for preschool

Sensory calming bottle
Image Source : Rhythms Of Play

Sensory Rainbow Spaghetti for Toddlers

Sensory Rainbow Spaghetti
Image Source : Laughing Kids Learn

Rainbow-Colored Oats Sensory Play For Childrens

Rainbow-Colored Oats Sensory
Image Source : And Next Comesl

Easy Sensory Play Activities for Children Under 5

Image Source : houston.momcollective

Sensory Play Bin With Rainbow Rice For Toddlers

Sensory Play Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Image Source : busy toddler

At-Home Winter Sensory Bin Activity

Image Source : pre-kpages

Simple Salt Paint Sensory For Kids

Salt Paint Sensory
Image Source : Meraki mother


Sensory play activities for Toddlers are not only a way to entertain your child; they’re an effective tool for early childhood development. These activities have engaged the senses, stimulated curiosity, and provided a foundation for fundamental skills that they will need to carry on in their lives. Every sensory experience is an educational opportunity, whether you’re squishing brightly colored dough, exploring a variety of textures, or messing with your finger paints.


What age is suitable for sensory play?

It is possible to start sensory play as early as infancy and go on all the way through childhood. This is particularly useful in children aged between 1 and 3 years when they are at an important stage of sensory development.

Do I need special equipment for sensory play?

Not necessarily. Household items such as rice, pasta, and water can be used for a wide range of activities that stimulate the senses. But for additional variety, you can make use of Sensory Play Instruments or Toys.

How can sensory play benefit my child’s development?

Sensory play enhances cognitive, motor, and social skills. It encourages problem-solving, creativity, and emotional regulation, making it an excellent tool for holistic development.

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