Hermes Drawing for Kids Easy With Colour-Kido Craft

Hello, young artist! Today, we’re going to learn how to draw Hermes. In our Hermes Drawing for Kids Easy With Color drawing session, you will learn how to draw Hermes—a pretty cool Greek god. Get ready to bring this legendary figure to life with your creativity.

So, if you do not already know Hermes, let me give you a quick background. He was a messenger of the gods, known for his speed, wit, and a pinch of trickery. Hermes is often considered the handsome youth with a winged hat and winged sandals, bearing a special staff called a caduceus. Does he sound like a cool character to draw? Totally!

Outline The Hermes Drawing

Now, let’s start the step-by step-process of drawing Hermes. Do not worry if you’re a newbie in this area. I’ll guide you through it, nice and easy. You just need a pencil, an eraser, a set of colored pencils or markers, and some free time to have fun!

We are going to outline the shape of the body in this step. Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t draw the full body of Hermes; you can just draw the outline of his upper body, whatever suits you.

The very first thing that you need to do is create a shape for Hermes’ face, which is a simple circle. The head should neither be too big nor too small relative to the rest of the body you will draw. From the bottom of the circle, draw two lines—these will be the neck and body of Hermes.

 Hermes Drawing tutorial

Add Items In the Drawing

Drawing Hermes means to include items that are iconically found with his image. Representing the Greek god Hermes always includes an aspect where he is holding a caduceus, a winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it. Draw the caduceus in one of Hermes’ hands; try to make sure you detail the snakes and wings. Hermes is known to adorn a winged cap, representing his swiftness and, added to that, the essence of the caduceus.

You can draw this hat on Hermes’ head and include the wings coming out from the sides. These elements will help you draw a proper representation of Hermes and bring your drawing to reality. Now, seeing as you’ve put these in your drawing, you can continue to add more detail and work on shading your drawing.

 how to draw hermes

Add the Caduceus

The caduceus is Hermes’ staff and is often seen in depictions of the god.

 Hermes Drawing For Kids
  • Draw a straight line from his left hand to his right hand.
  • Draw two curved lines at the top of the staff, forming a connection with a circle.
  • From the base of the staff, draw two more curved lines, stopping at another circle.

The caduceus now forms a wand with two snakes coiling ar

Detail The Hermes Drawing With Marker

Draw Hermes Add detail to the drawing by going over it with a marker. You can work on the outline and make the drawing less flat. Begin by outlining the face with eyes, nose, and mouth.

drawing of hermes

Use the marker to refine the lines and make them visible. Add a little more depth through shading. Darken the regions of shadows in the face like under the nose, in the eye-reflection spaces, and other regions. Further, add some shadow drawing in the clothes for added finished work, and that will give it a 3D effect rather than a flat look. Finally, use the marker to put any details into the drawing, like some highlights or more shading.

When using a marker, you want to be sure to use careful strokes because you can’t erase mistakes. Then try to achieve what you have planned so far.

Color the Hermes Drawing

Now for the most exciting part – bringing your Hermes drawing to vibrant life with color!

Grab your colored pencils or markers and start filling in the different areas of your drawing. Hermes is typically depicted wearing white or pale clothing so you can use those colors to draw his tunic or robe.

Color the Hermes Drawing

For his hat and sandals, you might want to use shades of brown or tan to represent leather or cloth. And for the caduceus staff, consider using shades of green for the snakes to make them stand out.

Feel free to get creative with your color choices and experiment with different shading techniques to add depth and dimension to your drawing.

Celebrate Your Masterpiece!

Congratulations, junior artist! You have just made your drawing of Hermes, the coolest Greek god in history. Stand back and take a look at your work.

Remember, drawing is all about practicing and having fun with imagination. The more you keep drawing Hermes (or any other character or anything), the more you will learn to catch details, proportions, and bring your imagination to life.

So, keep practicing, keep exploring, and keep unleashing your inner artist. Who knows, you might just find that passion that will keep you drawing and creating for life!

Let’s give ourselves a round of applause for a job well done. You have just proved that with a little lead, a dab of inspiration, and piles of enthusiasm, anyone can learn how to draw Hermes and bring this legendary figure to life on paper.

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