Lion Drawing Tutorial For Kids

Lion Drawing Tutorial For Kids

Welcome to our Lion Drawing Tutorial for Kids! Get ready to learn how to draw a realistic lion, from their signature mane to the whiskers on their face. With easy-to-follow steps and helpful visuals, you’ll be able to create a beautiful masterpiece of your own in no time!

Let’s get started!

Outline of The Lion Drawing

Drawing lions can be both fun and challenging, as they are comprised of a variety of shapes and details that come together to create the overall shape. To begin, sketch a circle for the head and add a curved line beneath it for the muzzle.

Next, draw two circles for the eyes within the head and sketch two curved lines extending from them for the whiskers. For the nose, draw an upside-down “Y” shape and add two curved lines at the bottom. Continue by adding ear shapes to either side of the head and sketching out a body that tapers down to a tail. Finally, define your lion’s facial features with shapely details like fur spikes, stripes, or rosettes.

Add Details To The Lion

Adding details to a lion drawing can help bring it to life. Start with the face and focus on getting the eyes, nose, whiskers and mouth in the right place. Don’t forget the mane!

Lion Drawing Tutorial For Kids

Add some individual hairs or strokes to give the image more texture and realism. With careful attention to detail, you can create a lifelike lion drawing.

Dark Outline With Marker

Lion Drawing Tutorial For Kids

After sketching out a basic shape of the lion with pencil, now use a black marker to darken the lines and complete the outline of your lion drawing.

Color The Lion Drawing

To color the lion drawing, select a variety of shades, ranging from warm yellows and oranges to cooler browns and greys. Use darker tones for detailed areas, such as the mane and face, then move outwards with lighter tones for the lion’s body and background.

Lion Drawing Tutorial For Kids

Utilizing various hues of these colors will add dimension, texture, and life to your piece. After you have finished coloring your lion drawing be sure to step back admire your artwork!

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