How to Draw Guitar | Easy Drawings

Drawing guitar doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With this detailed easy drawing tutorial, kids of all ages can draw realistic guitar with just a few simple steps. Get your pencils and paper ready to learn how to draw legendary six-strings in no time!

Let’s Start

Draw Guitar Basic Outline Sketch

Begin drawing the guitar by sketching a simple outline of the instrument. Use basic shapes such as a rectangle, two circles, and two triangles to form the body of the guitar.

How to Draw Guitars

Turn the rectangle sideways and draw one circle on each end to create the headstock.

Add two small equilateral triangles beneath the circles for tuning pegs and you have your basic outline!

Draw Guitar Headstock

The headstock is the top of the guitar where the strings come out. Start with two circles and draw lines from them out to the rectangle.

guitar drawing tutorial

This will form six straight lines which make up points of the headstock. Then, add two small equilateral triangles underneath each circle for tuning pegs. Finally, draw in a few curved lines to complete.

Add strings and tuning pegs – Easy Drawing

To add strings, draw a straight line down the center of the neck of the guitar, and then draw two lines coming out from each tuning peg.

Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

From there, add small curves radiating out to the end of the guitar body. Finally, draw a curved line up and across the end of the guitar body for an even more realistic look.

Create the pickguard, pickup selector switch and pickup section.

To begin with, start drawing the outline of the guitar body. You’ll need to sketch out an oblong shape for the body. Then, add a thin oval outlining the pickguard, which is usually located at the bottom portion of the guitar’s body and is used to protect its strings and pickups. Next, draw in a small liquid-like shape for your pickup selector switch towards the top right corner of your guitar’s body. And then add two rectangular- shaped pickups near the neck of the guitar.

How to Draw Guitars

Finish up by drawing out the bridge part of the guitar, as well as adding details like buttons and knobs for volume control and tone control knobs
To finish up, draw out the bridge part of the guitar – which is a fine piece mounted across and atop the body. And then, you can add in details like small buttons and knobs for volume control and tone control knobs. These can be represented with smaller circles as circles are easier to draw than actual detailed buttons or knobs. Finally, if you want to make your guitar look more realistic, feel free to add some shading around it.

How to Draw Guitars | Easy Step-by-Step Tutorial

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