125+Fairy And Unicorn Coloring Pages for Kids | Free Printable!

Hey there, coloring fans! of all ages! Are you ready for some super-duper coloring fun? We’ve got a magical treat just for you – Fairy and Unicorn Coloring Pages that are totally free to print!

Alright, hold onto your crayons because we’re about to dive into a world of enchantment and color! These coloring pages are all about two of the most amazing things – fairies and unicorns. Imagine a world where fairies flit around with their sparkly wings and unicorns strut their stuff with their dazzling horns. Cool, right?

Are you feeling like a pink unicorn today? Go ahead and make it happen with your crayons or markers. Want to give your fairy a green dress? Well, grab that green and let your creativity sparkle! These coloring pages are your canvas, and you’re the artist.

You know what’s super cool? Unicorns are like the rockstars of fairy tales. They show up in stories for kids with flying horses, phoenixes, and mermaids. You might have seen them hanging out with princesses or helping out brave maidens. And get this, they’re like the guardians of the land, making sure everything’s safe and sound. There’s nothing spooky about these unicorns, though. They’re all about good stuff like being pure, beautiful, and super-duper magical.

Oh, and here’s a tip: don’t forget to share your colorful creations with your family and friends. They’ll be amazed at how awesome your coloring skills are!

Free Printable Fairy and Unicorn Coloring Pages

Guess what? You don’t need any kind of fairy dust to enjoy these coloring pages. They’re just a click away. Simply hit that Download button and get pdf file ready to print add a burst of color to these wonderful drawings.

Happy coloring!


So there you have it, dear artists! Let your creativity sparkle on these fantastic Fairy and Unicorn Coloring Pages. With a swirl of colors, you can bring these magical creatures to life. Remember, coloring is not just fun, but also a journey into your imagination. So go ahead, print, color, and create your very own enchanting world!


What color do you color a unicorn?

Well, here’s the magical part – you can color a unicorn any color you like! Unicorns are creatures of imagination, so they can be rainbow-hued, pink, purple, blue, or even sparkly gold. Let your creativity soar and make your unicorn as unique as you are!

What materials do I need for coloring fairy And unicorn coloring pages?

You can use crayons, colored pencils, markers, or any coloring tools you prefer. Let your imagination run wild and create magical colors.

Are these coloring pages suitable for all ages?

Definitely! These coloring pages are designed for kids of all ages, from little ones to grown-up coloring enthusiasts. Everyone can join the fun!

How can I download these coloring pages?

To get your hands on these magical coloring pages, simply click the download button provided . This will allow you to print the pages on your home printer.

Can I use these coloring pages for classroom activities?

Absolutely! These coloring pages are perfect for classroom activities, rainy day entertainment, and even as a relaxing family bonding experience.

Are there any copyright restrictions on the colored pages?

Since these coloring pages are provided for free, they are intended for personal use only. However, feel free to share your colored creations online while giving credit to the source.

How often are new coloring pages added?

We’re always working on bringing you new and exciting coloring pages. Keep an eye on our website for updates and fresh additions to our collection.

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