Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten | Free Printable

Let’s dive into the world of counting worksheets for kindergarten. These handy resources can make learning numbers a breeze for young minds. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or anyone looking to help kids grasp the concept of counting, we’ve got you covered with some fantastic free printable counting worksheets!

Getting Started with Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten

Alright, let’s get started on this exciting learning journey! Counting is a foundational skill that sets the stage for many mathematical concepts. These worksheets are designed to make counting engaging and fun for kids. No more counting sheep – we’re counting everything from cute animals to colorful objects.

Counting Fruits and Animals

Who doesn’t love fruits and animals, right? These worksheets show off cute pictures of fruits and animals that kids totally love. They’ll count how many apples, bananas, or oranges are in each row. And guess what? They might even get to count some animals too!

Counting Fruit Worksheets for Kindergarten

Counting Worksheets for Kids

Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten | Free Printable

Counting Worksheets and Color

Count and Write

Count and Match Worksheets for Kindergarten

Counting Worksheets for Kids

Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten

Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten | Free Printable

Count and Color

Learning is always more fun with colors involved. These worksheets combine counting with coloring, making the experience even more engaging. Kids can count the objects and then color them according to the specified numbers. Talk about a colorful way to learn!

Read and Color The Animals

Counting at the Zoo and Pets animals

Lions, tigers, and bears – oh my! A trip to the zoo is always exciting, but these worksheets bring the zoo to the classroom. Kids will count the various animals they’d find at a zoo and our home, . It’s an educational safari that sparks their curiosity.

Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten | Free Printable

Counting Animals Worksheets for Kindergarten | Free Printable

Counting with Shapes

Shapes are everywhere, and they’re perfect for learning to count. These worksheets incorporate shapes like circles, squares, and triangles, each containing a certain number of objects. It’s a fantastic way to teach counting while introducing basic shapes.

Counting in the Ocean

Dive into the deep blue sea with these ocean-themed counting worksheets. Kids will count underwater creatures like Starfish, shark, whale, and Jellyfish. It’s an underwater counting adventure that’s both educational and fascinating.

Counting the Bugs

But wait, there’s more fun in store! Let’s not forget about counting bugs. Bugs are tiny, crawly, and oh-so-interesting. These worksheets are all about bugs, from buzzing bees to wiggly worms. Kids will count how many of these little critters they can find in each picture. It’s like going on a bug hunt without leaving the classroom! So get ready to explore the world of insects and numbers with these bug-tastic counting worksheets.

Let’s count some feelings!

let’s dive into something special – Just like numbers, feelings are a big part of life. While we can’t put them on paper like we do with objects, we can still explore and understand them. So, let’s take a moment to think about different feelings and count how they make us feel. Just like counting objects, counting feelings helps us understand ourselves better. Ready to count some emotions? Let’s go!

Lets Count in Spring

let’s dive into counting in spring! Spring is a fantastic time to explore counting in a whole new way. As flowers bloom and nature comes alive, we can count the petals on a flower or the buzzing bees around. So, get ready to embrace the beauty of spring while having a blast with counting. It’s like counting meets the wonders of nature!

Matching Missing Letters

But wait, there’s more fun to be had! These worksheets aren’t just about counting numbers; they’re also about matching missing letters. Kids can learn their ABCs while counting cool things. Each row has a missing letter, and they get to figure out what it is while counting the objects. It’s like a double dose of learning in one awesome worksheet!

So, along with counting fruits, animals, and shapes, they’ll also be mastering their letters. How cool is that? Learning has never been this exciting and comprehensive!

Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten | Free Printable

Fill in the Missing Letters

Fill in the Missing Letters

Fill in the Missing Small Letters

Some Fun Activity Worksheets

But wait, there’s more! We’ve got some extra fun lined up with activity worksheets that will have kids giggling and learning at the same time. These activities take counting to a whole new level of enjoyment. Let’s check them out:

Elephant Maze Fun Activity for Kids

Matching Lower Letters Sheets

Matching Lower and Uppercase Letters Sheets

Matching Lower and Uppercase Letters Sheets

Matching Lower and Uppercase Letters Sheets

With these awesome activity worksheets, learning to count becomes an absolute blast! These activities add a playful twist to counting, making it an adventure that kids will look forward to. So, get those pencils ready and let the fun and learning begin!


And there you have it – a variety of free printable counting worksheets for kindergarten learners. These worksheets add an element of playfulness to the essential skill of counting, making it enjoyable for both kids and adults involved in their education. Remember, each worksheet is a step toward building a strong foundation in mathematics, and it’s amazing to see how much fun learning can be!

So go ahead, print out these worksheets, gather some crayons, and let the counting adventure begin. Learning numbers has never been this entertaining!

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