Bubble Letter E Tutorial for Kids

Bubble Letter E-Tutorial for Kids

Hey there! Did you know that the Bubble Letter E is super special? It’s actually the most commonly used letter in the whole alphabet! Cool, right? Since we use it a lot, it’s important to know how to write it.

Now, I bet you already know how to write the letter E in both uppercase and lowercase. But guess what? We’re going to take it up a notch and learn how to draw a bubble letter E!

In this guide, we’ll go through 6 easy steps to draw this letter in a super fun way. And guess what’s even more exciting? We’ll also show you how to color it in and add some awesome extra touches.

There’s no limit to your creativity when it comes to this drawing. So go ahead, try new things, and have a blast while you create your very own bubble letter E. Let your imagination run wild and have loads of fun!

So get ready, because we’re about to dive into the exciting world of bubble letters! We’ll show you step by step how to make a fantastic bubble letter E that will make your imagination soar. Let’s go!

Bubble Letter E Tutorial

Materials Required

Before we begin, gather the following materials:

  • Paper or sketchbook
  • ?Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Colored markers or crayons

How to draw a bubble letter “E”

Step 1:

Start by drawing a vertical line. This line will form the center of your bubble letter “E”.

Bubble Letter E Tutorial

Step 2:

Add a small horizontal line at the bottom of the vertical line. This will form the lower part of the letter.

Step 3:

Draw a large curved line starting from the bottom left of the vertical line, curving towards the right and then downward. This will create the left side of the bubble letter.

Step 4:

Repeat step 3 on the right side. Draw a large curved line mirroring the shape of the left side, connecting to the bottom of the vertical line.

Step 5:

Draw a small horizontal line at the middle. This will form the middle part of the letter.

Bubble Letter E Tutorial

Step 6:

To give it a bubbly effect, thicken the outlines of the letter by adding curved lines along the edges. Make sure the lines are parallel to the original outlines, creating a rounded, inflated appearance.

Step 7:

Add shading or color to your letter if desired, and your bubble letter “E” is complete!

Bubble Letter E Tutorial


The art of drawing bubble letter “E”, is a fun and creative way to enhance your artistic skills. With the simple steps outlined in this tutorial, you can create a bubbly and eye-catching letter that adds a touch of playfulness to your artwork. So grab your pencil, unleash your imagination, and enjoy the process of creating impressive bubble letters!


Is drawing bubble letters difficult?

Not at all! Drawing bubble letters, including the letter “E,” can be easy and enjoyable, especially with step-by-step tutorials like this one.

What materials do I need for this tutorial?

All you need is a pencil and paper to get started. Optionally, you can use markers, colored pencils, or other art supplies to add color and creativity to your letter.

Can I experiment with different styles and decorations?

Absolutely! Once you have mastered the basic technique, feel free to experiment with different styles, colors, and decorations to make your bubble letter “E” unique and personalized.

Are there other tutorials available for different bubble letters?

Yes! There are numerous tutorials available for various bubble letters. You can explore other tutorials to expand your skills and create a whole alphabet of bubble letters.

How can I make my bubble letter “E” even more interesting?

You can add shadows, highlights, gradients, or patterns to your bubble letter “E” to make it more visually appealing. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine!

Can I use bubble letters in my art projects?

Absolutely! Bubble letters can be a fantastic addition to your art projects, such as posters, signs, greeting cards, and more.

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