25+Australian Animals Coloring Pages  Printable

25+ Awesome Australian Animals Coloring Pages | Printable!

Hey there, awesome readers! Are you ready to explore Australia’s wild side? Australia is a continent teaming with incredible species, Australian Animals Coloring Pages will take you on a journey through its different ecosystems, from lush rainforests to the vast desert and dazzling coastal seas. So, while you offer, let your imagination run wild.

Get your crayons and markers ready, because we’ve got a super-duper collection of Australian animals coloring pages that will bring some colorful excitement to your day!

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1. Koalas – Cuddly Tree Huggers

Let’s start with the cutest cuddlers in town – koalas! These fluffy marsupials love to munch on eucalyptus leaves. Use your imagination to give them the perfect shades of gray!

25+Australian Animals Coloring Pages | Printable

2. Kangaroos – Jumping for Joy

Hop over to the kangaroo coloring page! These bouncy pals have strong legs and love to jump around. Pick your favorite colors for their fur and let your creativity bounce too!

Australian Kangaroo Coloring Pages | Printable

3. Wombats – Furry Digging Machines

Wombats are great at digging burrows. Their stout bodies are perfect for it! Color them up and imagine the underground tunnels they make.

4. Platypus – Quirky Water Friend

Check out the platypus! It’s a mix of duck, beaver, and otter. These cool creatures swim in rivers and lay eggs. What colors will you choose for their unique look?

5. Dingoes – Australia’s Wild Dogs

Dingoes are like wild dogs of Australia. They can have sandy or reddish fur. Let your coloring skills run wild as you bring their spirit to life on paper!

6. Emus – Tall and Feathery

Emus are super tall birds that can’t fly, but they sure can run fast! Their feathers are soft and brown. Pick your most vibrant shades to make them stand out!

7. Tasmanian Devils – Not So Scary!

Don’t worry, these Tasmanian devils are more cute than scary. They’re marsupials with black fur. Let your colors show off their adorable side!

8. Kookaburras – Laughing Birds

Ever heard a kookaburra’s laugh? It’s a bit like a chuckle! These birds have brown and white feathers. Paint them to capture their joyful spirit!

25+Australian Animals Coloring Pages | Printable

9. Crocodiles – Snappy Swimmers

Crocodiles are amazing swimmers with strong jaws. Their scaly skin can be greenish-brown. Add a splash of color to their watery world!

Australian Animals Coloring Pages | Printable

10. Cockatoos – Colorful Chatterboxes

Cockatoos are chatty parrots with fabulous crests on their heads. Some are white, some are pink, and some are even black. Time to bring out those vibrant hues!

11. Quokkas – Happiest Animals

Quokkas are often called the happiest animals on Earth. They’re known for their cute smiles. Let’s see if you can make them even happier with your colorful touches!

25+Australian Animals Coloring Pages | Printable

12. Tasmanian Tigers – Extinct Wonders

Tasmanian tigers sadly aren’t around anymore, but you can still give them life through coloring. These carnivorous marsupials had stripes, so grab those pencils!

13. Frilled Neck Lizards – Fashionable Lizards

Frilled neck lizards have fringes around their necks that they pop up when they’re surprised. It’s like their own stylish accessory! Color them in and give them some flair.

25+Australian Animals Coloring Pages | Printable

14. Brown Snake: Outback’s Silent Sleuth

Color the brown snake, a master of disguise in the Aussie wilderness. With its earthy tones, bring its stealth and survival skills to life on your page. Unleash your creativity to capture this serpentine wonder!

25+Australian Animals Coloring Pages | Printable

15. Humpback Whales – Ocean Giants

Last but not least, the humpback whales! These ocean giants are known for their spectacular jumps. Get ready to color a whale of a tale!

16. Bilbies – Desert Dwellers

Bilbies have long ears and a pointy snout. They’re desert experts with soft fur. Let’s make their sandy world come to life with your coloring genius!

17. Pelican: Soaring through the Skies!

Imagine the salty breeze as you color the majestic pelican, known for its incredible wingspan and skillful diving. Will you give it a coastal backdrop or a sky full of fluffy clouds?

18. Cassowary: The Enigmatic Rainforest King

Venture into the lush rainforest as you add color to the cassowary, a bird with striking blue skin and a helmet-like crest. Don’t forget the vibrant foliage around this forest royalty!

19. Dugong: Serene Sea Explorer

Dive deep into the ocean with the dugong, a gentle sea creature often called the “sea cow.” Will you paint it gliding through the crystal-clear waters or feasting on seagrass?

20. Cane Toad: Colorful Amphibian Adventurer

This quirky toad hopped onto your coloring page! Known for their colorful and bumpy skin, these toads have quite a story in Australia. How will you bring their unique appearance to life?

21. Leopard Shark: Ocean’s Spotted Wonder

Take a plunge into the underwater world with the leopard shark, featuring its distinctive spots. Will you use cool shades to recreate the mysteries of the deep blue sea?

22. Funnel Web Spider: Eight-Legged Artistry

Unleash your creativity as you color the formidable funnel web spider. Known for its potent venom, this arachnid might look even more fascinating with your chosen colors!

25+Australian Animals Coloring Pages | Printable

23. Tiger Quoll: The Spotted Night Hunter

Step into the realm of the Australian wilderness with the tiger quoll coloring page! Known for its distinctive spotted coat and nocturnal lifestyle, the tiger quoll is a true master of the night. Will you capture its fierce yet playful spirit as it prowls through the darkness? Get ready to add a burst of color to this incredible creature and let your imagination run wild in the mysterious world it inhabits!

25+Australian Animals Coloring Pages | Printable

24. Australian Shepherd Dog: Energetic Herding Charm!

Meet the Australian Shepherd dog – a bundle of energy and intelligence! With their stunning coats and herding abilities, these dogs are ready to be colored with your favorite hues. Capture their lively spirit and vibrant personality on your coloring page!

25. Viper: Nature’s Stealthy Hunter

Enter the viper’s world – a silent and sleek predator. Their scales and cunning eyes hide a master hunter. Use your coloring magic to give life to this mesmerizing creature, blending its camouflage with the colors of its habitat.

26. Echidna: Nature’s Spiky Oddity

Meet the echidna, a spiky marvel of the Australian wild! With their peculiar appearance and knack for digging, echidnas are a true treasure. Use your colors to highlight their unique features and imagine them exploring the outback with their characteristic curiosity.

27. Bat: Night’s Mysterious Aviator

Embrace the darkness with the bat coloring page! These winged wonders of the night are experts at flying and echolocation. What colors will you choose to make their wings come alive as they swoop through the moonlit sky?


As you put the finishing touches on your Australian animals coloring pages, you’ve embarked on a journey through the diverse and captivating world of Down Under. From the iconic kangaroos to the elusive echidnas, each stroke of color brought these creatures to life,


Can I use any colors I want on the coloring pages?

Absolutely! Let your imagination run wild. While some animals have specific color patterns, feel free to add your own artistic flair and use colors that make these animals stand out in your unique world.

Are these animals found only in Australia?

Yes, most of the animals featured on these coloring pages are native to Australia. Australia’s isolation has led to the evolution of a wide variety of unique animals found nowhere else on Earth.

Can I learn more about these animals while coloring?

Definitely! While coloring, you can research and learn about each animal’s habits, habitat, and interesting facts. This way, your coloring journey becomes an educational adventure too.

Can I share my colored pages with others?

Absolutely! Show off your artistic masterpieces to friends and family. You can even hang them up as decorations or use them as unique greeting cards.

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