About Us

Welcome to KIDOCRAFT! We offer a range of activities designed to spark children’s imaginations and help them develop important skills for the future. Discover our wide variety of classes, workshops, games and crafts and explore the world of creativity with us today!

Who We Are.

Art and Crafts for Kids is a creative learning space where children are exposed to a range of fun, age-appropriate activities. Each activity provides an opportunity for children to explore the world of art, discover their creativity and express themselves through a variety of mediums. Our instructors are professional artists and passionate educators who are committed to helping your children unlock their inner potential.

What We Offer.

We offer a variety of activities for kids that allow them to explore drawing, painting, clay, natural art, and building structures. Through each activity, we strive to cultivate a positive learning environment and support the development of basic skills such as fine motor skills, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration. Each activity also involves an element of play that stimulates the imagination and facilitates meaningful experiences in the world of art.

Our Philosophy.

Our philosophy is to nurture the individual potential in our students by providing a safe and inspiring hands-on atmosphere full of exploration and creation. We believe in encouraging discovery, collaboration and development of self-expression through artistic expression. We facilitate and promote an understanding of art as an evocative form of communication that can be used to foster meaningful dialogue regarding the world around us.

Our Most Popular Activities for Kids.

At Art and Crafts for Kids, we offer a variety of activities that help to foster creativity and imagination in children. Our offerings include clay modelling, tie-dyeing and painting, printing, wood craft making, sewing and quilting, paper engineering and more! All of these activities are designed to help your little ones explore their creative abilities while having fun. Each activity is designed around wide-range of mediums such as paints, fabrics, fibers and more. Sign up today to give your child the opportunity to explore art through hands-on experiences!

Join Us Online to See What We’re Up To!

Keep up with all the exciting things happening with Art and Crafts for Kids! Join us online to see what we offer, We regularly post events and new projects, so be sure to give us a follow for the latest updates. We also offer virtual classes where you and your child can join in from home – no matter how far away you are from our studio! Follow us today to get started and make explore our creativity together!